Curious Leaders Academy

Our 30 Day Founder Fellowship is an online vision quest for high performing founders seeking greater emotional resiliency, mental clarity and capacity for deep work.

Our formula for upgrading human mental operating software 🧠

Radical Curiosity + Better Questions + Shared Experiences
= Mental Clarity + Emotional Resiliency

⛰️ Curious Leadership Principles

🚀 Startups are rocket fuel for personal growth

With a growth mindset: startups can be extremely efficient vehicles for leveling up as leaders through surfacing and integrating fears, insecurities and limiting beliefs.

👊 Community & Accountability > Information

Just as with our physical fitness – where progress is rapidly accelerated by coaches, community and challenges – the same is true of our mental fitness and self-awareness.

🗺️ Founders lack a Map (and Compass)

Many founders are keen to ‘level up’ but don’t see the what the path to becoming a ‘conscious leader’ looks like. Imposter syndrome, anxiety and overwhelm are all real struggles.

📝 Become Your Own Mentor

The combination of journaling with meditation are the most powerful ‘inner technologies’ for cultivating a receptive inner state that surfaces previously subconscious beliefs and insights.

🧠 Leadership has been redefined in the 21st century

Great leaders in the past were paid to know the answers. Great leaders of the future will be paid to be curious and empathetic.

🌎 The Working World is Waking Up

As a leader the highest leverage thing you can do is work on self-awareness. We needs conscious leaders now more than ever who can act as beacons for others.

🤔 Curiosity Quotient (CQ) + Emotional Quotient (EQ) > IQ.

Leaders with higher CQ are generally more tolerant of ambiguity, they are more likely to invest in knowledge acquisition over time and are able to produce simple solutions for complex problems.

💪 Knowledge is only a Rumour Until it Lives in the Muscle

Lasting change requires emotional labour. The work we do behind the closed doors of life ensures that we are fit to serve others.

🎧 Pod-Class Curriculum

We know how precious time is as a founder, so 85% of the content will be ‘active learning’ delivered as daily audio ‘pod-classes’ delivered via a private podcast feed.

🧘 Daily Guided Meditations

15 minute accessible guided meditation practices that can be done from anywhere, recorded using binaural beat technology. Each meditation ends with a prompt question design to plant a seed in your subconscious and reveal wisdom throughout your day.

📝 10x Insight Journal Prompts

When journaling many people over hear themselves saying things they didn’t realise they knew. Your assignment will be to write a short letter every 3 days, these letters will be to and from specific parts of your personality to uncover hidden insights and gain clarity on what is holding you back.

🎙️ 4x Founder Fellowship Zoom Calls

Access to a private WhatsApp group along with weekly hour long zoom breakout sessions for sharing highs & lows, working with the prompt questions, connecting with fellow founders and hosting Q&A sessions with the (Sanctus?) coaches, mentors and a few guest founders bravely sharing their stories.

🛠️ Access to the Curious Leaders Toolkit

The ‘further reading’ bookshelf, access to a library of practical neuroscience, bonus podcast episodes containing wisdom from mental performance and leadership experts, along with a library of downloadable guided meditation and audio breathwork routines.

👨🎓 Learning Outcomes

📝 Deep Work Training

A systematic approach to tuning into your flow state, accessing theta brainwaves where total absorption into the task at hand or conversation feels effortless and your best work emerges.

🤔 Ask Better Questions

Strengthen your right-brain creative muscles, tapping into your sense of deep purpose and learn to become your own greatest mentor.

💪 Build Emotional Resiliency

Building intuitive-awareness, unflappability and introspective habits that actually form new neural pathways in your brain that build emotional resiliency and act as hand rails on the startup emotional rollercoaster.

🎓 Know Thyself

Shine a light on the unconscious patterns and fears which are holding you back from realising your true potential as a founder, leader and human being.

🚀 Level Up Your Leadership

Reveal your authentic style as a conscious leader that serves to bring out the best in those around you and attracts world class talent.

“I’d rather have questions I can’t answer than answers I can’t question.”

– Max Tegmark


Q. My calendar is already fully loaded, I can’t find 30 minutes per day...

We hear you. There's an old saying: to cut down a tree in five minutes, spend three minutes sharpening the axe. For meditation, sharpening the axe simply means preparing your inner state (and the external space), so that meditation can come naturally. We will help you not only audit your time to focus on the essential, but also draw on habit-formation literature to help it stick.

Q. Where’s the evidence that this stuff works?

None of these practices or techniques should be taken on dogmatically. It is our job to present the ideas with as much research-backed science as possible as an ‘upgrade for your existing mental operating system’. We ask that you act as scientists of your own experience. That you give these a fair attempt and pay attention to any impact that it has on your life and work. Research studies aside, let’s look at some individuals: Yuval Noah Harari takes 60 days out of each year to go on a silent retreat. Sixty. Days.

Q. How do I know if I’m doing it right? When and how will I see the results?

Just is if you just bought a gym membership and started working out for the first time, you wouldn’t suddenly expect six pack abs and a sub-three hour marathon time. So too with training your mind. What is important to bear in mind is the power of long term marginal gains. Improving just 1% daily adds up to generate compounding returns on investment.

Q. Why the focus on journaling?

Journaling is one of the most effective technologies for enabling us to release our tight grip on these often unconscious assumptions and stories, our inability to articulate the opposite of a certain belief.

Q. Who else will be taking part?

There will be a diverse group of startup founders, all leading teams and companies of their own and facing their own struggles on the path.

“I had the sense that my whole life happened on a certain plane that seemed very narrow. There wasn't enough expansiveness, aliveness, vulnerability, and trust that things would work out. Everything had basically tightened up… it turned out there was one place I hadn't been, which was turning the focus toward the inside… my hope is that a lot of people want to get a little more access to their inner world, to feel more emotionally resilient to deal with their lives, and, ultimately, to bring more happiness into their lives.”

– Leo Widrich, Buffer Founder

🐦 Early-bird Applications

The pilot founder fellowship is launching on September 15th 2019. Accepting applications now.